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What is the C2S Academy?

The MISSION and PURPOSE of the Communicate2Succeed Academy is in the name... helping you Communicate TO Succeed.

Basically... if you have to:

  • Talk about your products and services
  • Conduct sales conversations
  • Reach out to prospects
  • Network with referral partners
  • Give presentations
  • Run team meetings
  • All. The. Things...

...We are passionate about seeing YOU grow and develop in the skills you need to succeed — both professionally and personally.

The Communicate2Succeed Academy (C2S Academy) is a community of people — a network of like-minded professionals — who are ready to become leading experts in their industry, who want to stand out from their competition, and who want to take their success to the next level.

With monthly trainings, weekly events, and daily motivational moments in a private online community, the C2S Academy is here to help you learn, hone, and implement the key mindset and skillsets that will set you apart as the go-to professional in your industry.

What will I learn in the C2S Academy?

Every training in the Academy is designed to help you hone your professional communication skills — both written and verbal. This includes but is not limited to:

✦ Presentation skills 
✦ Persuasion 
✦ Charisma ✦
✦ Magnetism 
✦ Negotiation skills 

✦ Storytelling 

✦ Sales techniques 

✦ Emotional connection

✦ Conflict resolution 

✦ Working the room 

✦ Body language ✦
✦ Confidence ✦

— the list goes on and on — we've packed every training with one purpose in mind... YOUR SUCCESS.

Here’s what you receive as a member of the C2S Academy:

Monthly Live Online Training to learn the Principles of Communication in a workshop format designed SO THAT you’ll be able to immediately apply what you’re learning for best business practices.

➢ Monthly Mindset Training to help you connect your purpose, passion, and expertise to your growth-mindset SO THAT you can experience more personal freedom and professional success.

Monthly Live Online Networking events SO THAT you can expand your professional network and practice what you're learning within the Academy.

 Monthly Live Expert Interviews and Q&A where we bring in industry leaders from other fields who will offer trainings on skills such as negotiation, networking, marketing messaging, video, and so much more! (Umm…do you even need a SO THAT benefit on this one? It’s gonna be off-the-hook!!)

➢ Daily Mindset Motivation Videos in our Online Community SO THAT you can get daily inspiration, motivation, and mindset tips because transformation in your thinking happens more quickly with regular "repetition, repetition, repetition."

➢ Access to the C2S Academy’s Private Online Community SO THAT you can interact with other members, share wins, encourage fellow professionals, ask questions, and get feedback within a safe and supportive community.

Access to the C2S Academy training library*, which will include videos of previous trainings, downloadable resources, templates, etc. SO THAT you never have to miss a training, even if you can’t join us for the LIVE online sessions.
*Applies as long as you’re an active C2S Academy member

➢ PLUS... Early-bird pricing on any/all new C2S products and trainings.

➢ PLUS... Special offers from other C2S partners and experts who appear on the Monthly Live Online Q&A.

➢ PLUS... Special access to the soon-to-be-launched C2S Mobile App (coming in 2024).

The C2S Academy is jam-packed with so much valuable content for you!!

Meet your C2S Trainers

Dallas Amsden

Speaker, Host, Presentation Trainer

Dallas has over 30 years experience in professional communication.

As a professionally trained performer with tens-of-thousands of hours on stage and camera, Dallas has spoken everywhere — Fortune 500 companies, schools, churches, stand-up comedy and everything in between. He firmly believes that your success in business and life is directly proportional to your ability to effectively communicate your purpose, your passion, and your vision.

Jeff Koziatek

Author, Speaker, and Your Peak Performance Coach

Jeff has thousands of hours as a performer and internationally known keynote speaker. He a certifed coach with the Values Conversation and leadership coach with the John Maxwell Team, and he is the author of the book, Blueprint for Value, He has helped 100s of business owners and business professionals do more of what they want, less of what they don’t, and love their results to get personal freedom and professional success.

Need some social proof? Here’s a few folks who have benefited from Jeff's and Dallas' trainings…

"I landed the job"

Not only did I get the practical language, tools, and information that I needed to impress my dream company. I was also inspired to believe that I could confidently sell myself. And guess what? I landed the job!

~ Megan H., B2B Sales ~

"A complete 180"

"We are currently having the best 3 months of production that our company has ever seen.  Our people are more confident in their abilities, we are all communicating better. The culture in the plant has done a complete 180... This is now ONE TEAM.

~ Vernon H., Manager ~

"So much practical knowledge"

It's like trying to drink from a fire hose... so much practical knowledge.

~ Neil P., Sales Director ~

"A safe space"

Dallas created a safe space… Each training, I learned something new to take and work on.

Teresa C., Educational Consultant ~

"I reclaimed the balance"

I had an unhealthy mindset... I was lost and needed someone to get me back on track. My work with Jeff enabled me to feel valued and confident again. I reclaimed the balance between self, family, and work. Jeff is so genuine and relatable. He has a calming nature and also an energy that is contagious which is a tremendous combination. I am definitely in a much better place after working with Jeff.

~ Amy N., Business Professional ~

"Exceeded my expectations"

The program exceeded my expectations... above and beyond!

Aaron H., Health Coach ~

Looking forward to seeing you on the inside!

If you are ready to start getting more clients, experience more success,
have more confidence…

If you are ready to stand out from your competition...

If you are ready to be the go-to expert in your industry…

...Then what are you waiting for?

It’s time.

It’s time to learn, hone, and master the mindset and skillsets...

It’s time for you to Communicate2Succeed.

There has never a better time than now!

Join the C2S Academy today!

Membership Options for the C2S Academy

Frequently Asked Questions

The Principles of Powerful Communication that you will learn inside the C2S Academy apply across industries and types of people:

  • Sales professionals
  • Mortgage lenders
  • Realtors (commercial and/or residential)
  • Bankers (all types)
  • Life coaches
  • CPAs/Bookkeepers
  • Financial Advisors
  • Business owners
  • Executives / C-Suite
  • Team leaders
  • Direct sales
  • Pastors / Teachers
  • Parents
  • D.I.S.C. folks in every quardrant
  • Enneagrams 1-9
  • The list goes on and on...

Communication is the single most important skill needed to be successful in both business and life... and the C2S Academy offers you an opportunity to level-up this all-important skill. And, the C2S community provides you a safe place to keep learning, keep practicing, keep honing, and move toward mastery in this crucial skill.

While Toastmasters offers valuable training, particularly in improving public speaking skills and boosting confidence on stage, their program tends to follow a structured, step-by-step approach. This has been instrumental in aiding many individuals in becoming more comfortable while speaking in public.

Conversely, the C2S Academy takes a broader perspective, concentrating on the overarching Principles of Powerful Communication. We delve into persuasion, negotiation, and other vital skills applicable across various industries and environments.

Certainly, within the C2S Academy, you will encounter similar techniques, such as pacing, reducing filler words, and enhancing stage presence, akin to what Toastmasters provides...

...However, our emphasis goes beyond these fundamentals. Our trainings are designed to elevate your success in both life and business, aiming to propel you to the next level of achievement.

The primary focus of the C2S Academy isn't specifically geared toward helping
individuals get paid solely for speaking engagements. Instead, our community prioritizes imparting higher-level Principles of Powerful Communication, such as persuasion,
storytelling, negotiation, and a wide array of essential skills.

While aspects of public speaking will be covered in our Monthly Live trainings and Expert Q&A sessions, our community caters to a diverse group of business professionals aiming to elevate their sales, presentation, and meeting skills, among others.

If you're specifically interested in programs that assist in growing your career as a paid speaker, Dallas offers dedicated courses for this purpose. Feel free to reach out to us at
[email protected] to explore those opportunities further!

Your membership in the C2S Academy includes:

➢ Monthly Live Communication Skills Training

➢ Monthly Mindset Calls

➢ Monthly Virtual Networking

➢ Monthly Expert Q&A

➢ Daily Motivations within the Community

➢ Access to the C2S Academy’s Private Online Community

➢ Access to the C2S Academy training library

➢ Early-bird pricing on any/all new C2S products and trainings.

➢ Special offers from other C2S  partners and experts who appear on the Monthly Live Online Q&A.

➢ Special access to the soon-to-be-launched C2S Mobile App (coming in 2024).


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