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Infectious warmth, charm, and humor

With 30+ years experience as a singer, performer, speaker, and stand-up comedian, Dallas Amsden knows how to keep crowds engaged, entertained, and energetic... however, he is more than just a "performer."

Often referred to as the "Authentic Communication Guy," Dallas is an expert at creating environments of deep connection and personal transformation. He is a champion for people's success, and he believes that authentic communication can create a life-changing experience for your audience.

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10% of Dallas' fee from every keynote is donated to nonprofit organizations that support mental health, family health, and/or educational programs.

Here is what you can expect when booking Dallas for your event

Before Your Event

Dallas is intentional about customizing his presentations to your event's needs. Before the event, he will get familiar with your audience as well as your goals for the event make it the best win for you.

During Your Event

Dallas has 2 goals every time he works with you: the first is to make your job as easy as possible. Dallas is a team-player who has a strict, No-Diva-Rule. Second, from the moment he arrives, he is there to give your attendees a memorable, transformational experience.

After Your Event

Dallas never views any event as a one-and-done transaction. He builds long-term relationships with Event Planners, and you will be no different. He will remain available to you and your team to ensure your post-event success.

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Keynote Topics

Explore the topics below and choose the one that aligns best with your event, or reach out to us for a customized talk that we can tailor to your specific requirements.


Communicate 2 Succeed

*Most requested keynote*

A person's success in business (and life) is directly proportional to their ability to effectively communicate¬†‚ÄĒ¬†their passion, their vision, and their work‚Ķ¬†because it all comes down to this truth:¬†

Communication = Connection

In this entertaining and inspiring talk, your audience will learn the key principles¬†of communication, persuasion, and charisma to increase their connection¬†‚ÄĒ¬†and unlock¬†even more success¬†‚ÄĒ¬†with prospects, clients, team members (and heck‚Ķ) maybe even in their personal relationships.

How to Avoid 'Death by Meeting'

We all know how it can be in business: meetings that meander and feel like a waste of time as well as meetings before meetings, meetings after meetings, meetings about meetings to have a meeting to schedule more meetings... Yada. Yada. Yada...

In this fun session, Dallas reveals the 3 Main Problems with every meeting, and the 1 Tool your team needs to run C.L.E.A.R. Powerful Meetings.

Gamifying Success

Are you (and you team) ready to win big in business? We've all heard the phrase, "Keep the main thing the main thing" while trying to avoid all the Shiny Objects.

In this talk, Dallas gives you the playbook for you and your team to gamify the "main thing," and score big wins in your business. It's time to avoid the fumbles and get your team winning every day!

The 110% Leader

"Come on, team, let's give 110%!" is touted by many business leaders and coaches so much so that it has become a cliche that leaves many people shaking their head, but what if you learned that 110% was actually possible?

In this inspirational keynote, Dallas will teach you what true growth looks like for you and your team, and you will learn the 4 Principles and how to live above and beyond your perceived maximum potential as a leader and as a team.

Say 'Hello!' to Future You

Have you ever wondered why, in spite of your best efforts at self-help, self-improvement, leadership books, mindset studies, and daily affirmations, you continue to cycle through the same-ol' beliefs, same-ol' behaviors, and same-ol' struggles?

In this aspirational talk, Dallas reveals why most of our attempts at shifting our present behaviors fail and he also anchors us to the 5 steps necessary to create the future reality we truly desire.

Other Topics Include:

  • The Confidence Formula
  • Storytelling at Every Step of the Customer Continuum
  • MindShift¬†-vs- MindSet
  • The P-Quation for Positive Team Accountability
  • Stop the Networking Snooze-Fest and Upgrade Your Pitch
  • ...or, we can build a custom presentation just for your event or team

There are multiple ways Dallas can help your event or team


30-90 Minute Keynotes/Breakout Sessions

Give your audience the maximum blend of insight, impact, and inspiration!

1/2-Day Team and Leadership Trainings

More than an inspirational keynote, these trainings introduce you and your teams to very tactical actions.

Full-Day and Multi-Day Workshops

Designed for leaders and teams who want fully implement and integrate the Dallas' trainings into their workplace culture.

Podcast and Media Appearances

If you need someone who will make you look like a superstar to your listeners while also giving your audience a memorable episode, Dallas is your go-to guest.

Virtual Summits and Online Trainings

Ready to make an impact on your virtual audience? Dallas knows how to light up your online meetings with the same magic you get at in-person events.

If you're ready for a transformational experience for your event, it's time to book Dallas


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