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What is the C2S Academy?

The MISSION and PURPOSE of the Communicate2Succeed Academy is in the name... helping you Communicate TO Succeed.

Basically... if you have to:

  • Talk about your products and services
  • Conduct sales conversations
  • Reach out to prospects
  • Network with referral partners
  • Give presentations
  • Run team meetings
  • All. The. Things...

...We are passionate about seeing YOU grow and develop in the skills you need to succeed — both professionally and personally.

The Communicate2Succeed Academy (C2S Academy) is a community of people — a network of like-minded professionals — who are ready to become leading experts in their industry, who want to stand out from their competition, and who want to take their success to the next level.

With monthly trainings, weekly events, and daily motivational moments in a private online community, the C2S Academy is here to help you learn, hone, and implement the key mindset and skillsets that will set you apart as the go-to professional in your industry.

What will I learn in the C2S Academy?

Every training in the Academy is designed to help you hone your professional communication skills — both written and verbal. This includes but is not limited to:

✦ Presentation skills ✦ Persuasion ✦ Charisma ✦ Magnetism ✦ Negotiation skills ✦ Storytelling ✦ Sales techniques ✦ Emotional connection ✦ Conflict resolution ✦ Working the room ✦ Body language ✦ Confidence ✦

— the list goes on and on — we've packed every training with one purpose in mind... YOUR SUCCESS.

Here’s what you receive as a member of the C2S Academy


➢ Monthly Live Online Training to learn the Principles of Communication in a workshop format designed SO THAT you’ll be able to immediately apply what you’re learning for best business practices.

➢ Monthly Mindset Training to help you to help you connect your purpose, passion, and expertise to a your growth-mindset SO THAT you can experience more personal freedom and professional success.

➢ Monthly Live Online Networking events SO THAT you can expand your professional network and practice what you're learning within the Academy.

➢ Monthly Live Expert Interviews and Q&A where we bring in industry leaders from other fields who will offer trainings on skills such as negotiation, networking, marketing messaging, video, and so much more! (Umm…do you even need a SO THAT benefit on this one? It’s gonna be off-the-hook!!)

➢ Access to the C2S Academy’s Private Online Community SO THAT you can interact with other members, share wins, encourage fellow professionals, ask questions, and get feedback within a safe and supportive community.

➢ Access to the C2S Academy training library*, which will include videos of previous trainings, downloadable resources, templates, etc. SO THAT you never have to miss a training, even if you can’t join us for the LIVE online sessions.
*Applies as long as you’re an active C2S Academy member

➢ PLUS... Early-bird pricing on any/all new C2S products and trainings.

➢ PLUS... Special offers from other C2S partners and experts who appear on the Monthly Live Online Q&A.

➢ PLUS... Special access to the soon-to-be-launched C2S Mobile App (coming in 2024).

The C2S Academy is jam-packed with so much valuable content for you!!

YES! I'm ready to join the C2S Academy!

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